Sunday, October 09, 2005

US Leadership and the World Order

The Midterm Election and US Foreign Policy
Robert Kagan vs. Thomas Freedman on the American Empire
Link of Interest: Straight Talk America by John McCain
AEI Report on Midterm Election, Terrorism, and Iraq
America Continues to Be “The Right Nation”?
Democrats Divided on Iraq
America's Three Musketeers?: Britain, Japan, and India
Liberals Rolling Back?: Center for American Progress
The Colossus in Need: America the Peacemaker
Grading Freedom: Review of Freedom House Index
President Bush at the State of the Union 2006
Bush Foreign Policy: Improving with Europe, Straining with Asia
Pro or Con on American Attack against Iraq before the War
Question: Is American Intervention Right or Wrong?
The 4th of July: America stands at the crossroads now.
The BB duo: Senate Hearing Today
The BB duo: Blair won! Bolton next?
Start the Blog: On the BB duo

The Anglo-American Special Relationship & the Transatlantic Alliance

NATO Summit at Riga, Latvia
Transatlantic Relations at the Crossroads: US-German Blog Carnival
America and Old Europe: A Review of 9/11+5
Grading America’s Best Friends: British PMs from Churchill, Thatcher, and Blair
Anglo-American Relations over the Lebanon Crisis
NATO More Active on Global Security: From Brussels to Riga
NATO Defense Ministers Meeting and Agendas for the Future
Britain Advocates the Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan is a Victory of Global Democracy
Test Your Knowledge on the EU
Brief Review of US-German Talk
US-German Relations, Improve?
Britain and Japan as America's ally: Review of Woodrow Wilson Event
Britain Needs to Replace Trident Nuclear Missiles?
Link of Interest: British American Security Information Council
Vive la France!
European integration, that's terrible!
NATO is Europe! Who cares EU constitution?
The BB duo: Senate Hearing Today
The BB duo: Blair won! Bolton next?
Start the Blog: On the BB duo

The Middle East & India

Help Arrested Bloggers in Bahrain and Egypt
Islam and Democracy
The Real Victim by Hezbollah's Attack
Bush Administration Official’s Lecture on US-India Relations
Kissinger talks on India
Iran Review: Students Rally at Harvard
Iran Review: America, Europe, and Japan at Crossroads to Deal With Nuclear Theocracy
India talking with France and the US
Sharanky Comments on Palestine Democracy
Palestine Turbulance: Can Terrorists Govern the State?
Good News from Iraq: Rebels Divided!
US Pressure on the Indo-Iranian Pipeline
Reconstruction in Iraq: Making Progress Even from A Liberal Viewpoint
Iraqi Constitution Draft: Viewpoints from Israel
Iran, 25 years on
India, the country you should not miss!
Reza Pahlavi comments on the Iranian election
Misunderstandings on America and the Middle East

The US-Japanese Alliance and Global Leadership

Japan to Acquire Nuclear Bombs?
Shinzo Abe Won LDP Nomination for Next Japanese PM
President Bush's Advisor Comments on Reshaping Japanese Security
Attention! Japan’s Prime Minister Race Begins
Rising Sun
Book Review: Eternal Japan-US Alliance
The Global American Discourse in Japanese Politics
Yasukuni. Right or Wrong: The War Shrine needs Regime Change
Britain and Japan as America's ally: Review of Woodrow Wilson Event
A Review of VJ Day: Has Japan Really Been Born Again?
Nuclear Japan? Definitely not!
Listen Japan. Collective security, now!

China, Korea & the Asia-Pacific Region

Managing North Korean Nuclrear Threat
North Korea’s Bomb Test and US Leadership: Don’t Forget Iran!
Stop North Korean Missile Diplomacy and Nuclear Proliferation to The Axis of Evil
North Korean Missile Crisis
Failing a Democracy: The US-Japan-Taiwan alliance and its implications for conflict with China.
David and Goliath: Japan’s changing relationship with China
Listen Japan. Collective security, now!

Russia & Eurasia

Russia and the West at St. Petersburg
Free but Undemocratic Russia: Policy Recommendations by a Russian General
The EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table
Russian Democracy in Danger: Carnegie Essay by Ex-Swedish Diplomat

Global Issues

Attention to Darfur
The State of Ballistic Missile Proliferation
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Policy Implications
Blog Review: Interested in Africa?
Love and Hatred in International Politics (2): Solutions
Love and Hatred in International Politics (1): A Review of Hatred


At Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
Blog Carnival on US-German Relations
Japan-US Fund Raising Forum
Establishing a Formal NPO
Exploring Donation
On “Time”: Listed Related Blogs
More Input, Please Wait
Carnival on US-German Relations
Article Published
New Member Joined
New Projects: Special Report on Iran, etc
New Year Statement, 2006
The German-American Blog Carnival
Carnegie Conference: Appearance in NPR Talk of the Nation
Coming to Washington DC
Article Published
Good News! : This Blog Listed in the Printed Media